July 10, 2018

18 Months with Lela

I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that Lela is 18 months old today. It seems like I was just planning her first birthday party! So much has happened in the last six months, we weaned off the bottle, started walking, ditched the high chair and went back to daycare!
It seems like Lela learns something new every single day. Since she's started walking, it feels like she went from a baby to a kid overnight. There have been so many milestones in the past six months, but these are the ones that stick out most in my mind--

Weaning off the bottle
Weaning off the bottle was something I struggled with at first. I knew that Lela would be entering daycare soon, so it was something I wanted to do right at one year.  At first, I tried introducing the sippy cup but had no plan, so of course, Lela rejected it leaving us both frustrated. Ultimately I decided that we just needed to go cold turkey. Lela was mad and confused for a day but got over it pretty quickly and we've never looked back.

Lela took her first steps a couple of days before her first birthday but didn't really start walking until around 13 months. Since I wasn't working at the time, I tried to keep Lela around other kids that were walking as much as I could in hopes that it would encourage her to walk. Once the weather warmed up, we spent a lot of time at playgrounds which also helped nudge her in the right direction. Now she'll go running down the street any chance she gets!

First Fever
If you can believe it, Lela didn't have her first real fever until 17 months. She's had an elevated temperature before, but it's not considered a "fever" until it reaches 100.4 degrees. Lela caught a mild case of Hand, Foot and Mouth from daycare a few weeks ago and the first symptom was a fever of 101.6 degrees. Her temperature returned to normal the next day, but it was still alarming and caused a panicked call to the doctor's office. The nurse that I spoke to was a complete saint and calmed all of my first fever fears! When in doubt, call the doctor's office, they'll make you feel so much better in an uncertain situation.

Lela didn't get her first tooth until 13 months. Yes, you read that right, 13 months!!! The first two popped through pretty close together. Then, at 16 months, six more popped through in one week! The dentist warned us that mass teething might happen, but we weren't prepared for six in a week. When that many teeth cut at one time, there isn't much you can do besides give your baby Tylenol or Motrin and snuggle the heck out of them. We had a lot of sleepless nights and watched way too much television, but after about four days Lela was back to her normal self with a whole mouthful of new teeth.

Ditching the Highchair
We have a Graco convertible high chair that converts to a booster seat when baby is ready to sit at the table. We tried ditching the highchair shortly after Lela's first birthday, but within a month we were back in the highchair. Lela is really short, so she started pulling her feet up and pressing them against the table which would fling her chair backward. After a very near chair tipping experience we decided that she wasn't ready to sit at the table and brought her highchair back out. It was just recently at 17 months that we decided to try again. It's important to us that Lela is a part of our mealtimes, so we're happy to have her back at the "big people" table!

Lela has always loved to hear herself talk. She realized she could make noise at two months and hasn't stopped since. Our pediatrician told us that babies only need to have ten words by 18 months, but I would say Lela has at least fifty. Her favorite things to say are "hi baby," "waffle" and "blueberry." She loves pointing to her eyes, nose, ears, and elbows and saying what each of them is. She also loves telling you what noises animals make. She recently learned that frogs say "ribbit" and it's just the cutest thing to hear her say!

Photo Shoot
Since Lela's birthday is in January, I wanted to do a fun outdoor Summer shoot to celebrate her 18-month milestone. Since the 4th of July was just last week, I knew that had to be our theme!

We did the photo shoot up at Austin's Aunt and Uncle's house in Weston, MO. They have the most amazing piece of land with a beautiful farmhouse and barn. We love their land so much that we've actually done several photo shoots there over the years. Here are some of our favorites from the shoot--


Romper: Vintage Gap / Bow

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