June 8, 2018

June Happenings

Happy June everybody! We are loving this Summer weather! Here's what we've been up to-

Working on:
We just finished building the coolest Toddler Learning Tower for Lela. It was such an easy and fun project, and she absolutely loves it!! You can check out my post for how we built it here.
Have you guys checked out my Spinach Lasagna Roll-Up recipe yet? We eat it at least once a month.

Loving for Mom:
My new Blue Sky Day Designer. Since I'm back at work now, I needed a planner to help keep me organized. I hate having a lot of things to carry around, so I was happy when I found this little guy! It's super cute, small enough to throw in my bag, and the best part is that it was only $15!

Loving for Babe:
Lela's Native shoes! They are lightweight and waterproof which makes them the perfect Summer shoe. I had been wanting to get her a pair for a while and finally grabbed them on sale over Memorial Day weekend from our favorite baby boutique!
Speaking of our favorite Baby Boutique... Sweet Tea & Caviar is like my Instagram feed come to life! They have everything from clothes and shoes to Baby Stella's and Slumberkins. We love them so much that recently joined their brand rep team! Use code: Lela15 to save at checkout!

What has everyone been up to? I love hearing!


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