May 11, 2018

May Happenings

Happy happy Friday! I realized Friday Favorites may have been a little ambitious so I'm re-branding "Friday Favorites" into a monthly series. Enjoy!

Everyone needs to read Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. She is one of the most relatable authors I've ever read. She's super honest, vulnerable and passionate, making her book such a great read. I'm 6 chapters in already feel like she's made me want to be a better version of myself. I checked it out from the library but I think I'm going to buy it because her is advice is that good.
Listening to:
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats. Lela and I took a roadtrip to St. Louis last week and I could. not. stop. listening.

Living in Pennsylvania made me forget how awesome Sylas and Maddy's ice cream is! Lela and I went there earlier this week and shared a delicious, but gone-too-soon, cup of Birthday Bash ice cream. Their flavors are so original and (both of) their shops are just so cute!
Loving for Mom:
Our Phillips Air Fryer. It's like a deep fryer and a toaster oven had a baby. This thing is SO cool! Plus, I love anything that cuts my cook time in half. I plan to do an entire blog post about it after I cook a few more things in it. Stay tuned for more!

Loving for Babe:
This easy and fun contact paper activity. I found it on Pinterest a few months ago and bust it out when I need a few minutes of quiet "mom-time".
What have you guys been up to? I love hearing!


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