May 6, 2018

A Day at The K

My husband is a huge Kansas City Royals fan. Like HUGE. So much of a fan that we legitimately made a deal on where Lela's loyalties would lie. She would be a Missouri Tiger (my team) instead of a Kansas Jayhawk (Austin's team) and a KC Royals fan (Austin's team) instead of a St. Louis Cardinal fan (my team). It seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me. I live and breathe for Mizzou and while Cardinal red runs deep in my veins I have a soft spot for the Royals. It's probably because their two World Series Championships are nothing compared to our eleven.
Now that I've lost half of my readers with that totally snarky "St. Louis is the best city ever" comment let's talk about how Kauffman Stadium is such a wonderful place to take kids!

First off, every ballpark that you visit will give your little one a certificate for their visit. It's basically a piece of paper that someone writes their name on but I love little keepsakes that I can put in Lela's baby book.
If you live in KC you probably already know that Kauffman has an area called "The Little K" for kids. It's great for kids of all ages, even the littles! At 15 months, Lela is too small to play putt-putt, go into the batting cages or run the bases. But, it was nice to have an area for her to roam around before the game without fear that she was going to get run over out on the main concourse.
My favorite part about the entire day was when Lela met the Royals mascot, Sluggerrr. During the 4th inning, Sluggerrr goes out the Little K to take pictures with the kids. Austin and I were super anxious about Lela meeting Sluggerrr since she screamed bloody murder when she met the Easter Bunny and Santa. See Exhibit A. We showed her pictures of Sluggerrr all week leading up to the game and it definitely paid off because she went running toward him the minute he came out.
Going to a 3:10pm game was perfect. We were partially in the sun for the first inning but by the time the second inning started the sun was behind the stadium. It made for the perfect day to sit outside for a baseball game.
Austin and I always joke that Lela has "baby magic" and it was in full force yesterday when a foul ball came our way. Seriously, what baby gets a foul ball at their first game?? It was totally the baby magic.
I hope that you're all out enjoying this gorgeous weekend in KC! What fun things is everyone doing today??


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