March 22, 2018

Where to Buy the Cheapest Baby Wipes

The only thing in my house that we go through faster than diapers are baby wipes so I decided to do a fun experiment to see if Target and Aldi's wipes were cheaper than my Amazon Subscription. Well, fun for me at least. My background is in Merchandise Planning which means that I'm a huge math nerd and somewhat of an expert when it comes to retail pricing, promotions, and markdowns. One of the things that I do when I'm comparing prices at stores is to look at the price per use. In this case, it was the price per baby wipe. You can do this with anything though, and I highly encourage it! All you do is take the retail price and divide it by the number of wipes, oz in a container, lbs in meat, etc. Most wipes are priced pretty similarly around $0.02/wipe. However, when you break it down annually, it can mean a decent chunk of money. I compared Huggies, Pampers and private labels at both Target and Aldi versus having them on an Amazon Subscription. Here are my top 3 winners of the cheapest baby wipes contest-
1. Target Up & Up Unscented 216 ct
I'll be honest I was really shocked that Target won! Their Up & Up 216ct is a mere 1.75 cents/wipe. What is interesting to me is that their 216ct is slightly cheaper than their 500ct at 1.80 cents/wipe. On a yearly basis it only adds up to be about $2, so you're safe buying them either way.
2. Target Up & Up Unscented 500ct and Scented 500ct
Both Target's Up & Up Unscented and Scented 500ct packs are priced equally at 1.80 cents/wipe! As I mentioned above the Unscented 500ct is slightly more expensive than the smaller pack, but when it comes to the Scented wipes, the 500ct comes in at 1.80 cents/wipe vs. 216 ct at 2.0 cents/wipe.
3. Aldi Little Journey's 216 ct
Aldi's Little Journey's brand came in third at 1.85 cents/wipe. I had never used this brand before I did this experiment but they ended up in the top 3, so I decided to give them a shot!
*The Cheapest Sensitive Wipe
Pampers Sensitive 168ct wipes were the worst priced at 3.57 cents/wipe. Their 448ct was less at 2.59 cents/wipe but still ranked as one of the most expensive wipes. Now here is where buying in bulk will save you a lot of money! The Target Up & Up Sensitive 129ct is 3.33 cents/wipe while the Up & Up 460ct is 1.87 cents/wipe! That's a savings of $63/year when you buy the economy pack!
My pick: Aldi's Little Journey's
My pick is Aldi's Little Journey's 216ct. Why not use the cheapest option you ask? We occasionally use Target's Up & Up Unscented wipes, but I'm not a huge fan of the quality because they aren't quilted. I feel like they don't clean quite as well and dry out a little quicker. I do keep a pack in our diaper bag just in case we're in a pinch though. At that price, they are perfect to keep as your "backup" wipes or to wipe down tables and high chairs at restaurants. Amazon ranked at 7/12 so after doing this experiment I immediately canceled my subscription. We were paying 2.31 cents/wipe from Amazon which may not seem like a lot but compared to Aldi's 1.85 cents for the same exact quality it adds up to a savings of $20/year! I don't know about you, but if someone is handing out 20 dollar bills I'm taking it!
*Please note these prices are at my local stores. I highly encourage you to check your prices before you stock up!


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