March 17, 2018

What to Put in Your Toddler's Easter Basket

Easter was always one of my favorite holidays when I was younger. What kid doesn't like chocolate bunnies, silly putty, and sweet tarts shaped like little chicks!? My mom always did a great job of filling our Easter baskets with goodies so it's no surprise that I took after her. Last year, Lela was only 3 months old, so she wasn't exactly thrilled about her basket, but I had so much fun making it for her. I filled it with board books, bows, a teether, a stuffed bunny and some super cute stuffed carrots.
Last year was especially hard on our budget. Austin and I were new to being parents so we were spending way too much on things we thought we needed. I did, however, take a couple of hacks on Lela's first ever Easter basket. I bought the liner from Pottery Barn Kids, but the actual basket is from Michael's. I read on another website that PBK liners sometimes fit Michael's baskets so I ordered the liner from PBK first and then took it into Michael's to see if it would fit before I bought one. It's not an exact match but its really close. With at 40% off coupon, I ended up spending $7 vs. $29. I splurged on the liner for Lela's basket because I knew it would be something I'll use over and over until she's 18. Fine, probably more like 25 if I'm being honest with you guys. I'm confident it'll get some good use.
I stored her basket, liner, grass and the stuffed carrots from last year in our storage closet so that automatically saves $30 by reusing it. This year, I happened to go to Target on the exact day they were resetting the dollar spot with all of their Easter items. I picked up some finger puppets, floam, and bubbles for $5. And, all of which I know that Lela will have so much fun playing with! I also grabbed a couple tubs of playdoh for $.69 each so all in, I only spent $7. I considered adding a stuffed bunny to jazz it up, but Lela has so many stuffed animals that she never plays with so I would have been spending money just to spend it. All things considered, I think her basket turned out really nice! I'm so excited to watch her actually play with her goodies this year!


  1. We were just discussing Easter baskets this weekend! Are you guys going to do an egg hunt?

    1. Of course!!! We’re just hiding a bunch of empty Easter eggs though. Lela will have so much fun just running around picking them up!