March 20, 2018

Easy Easter-Themed Activities for Your One Year Old

If you follow my Instagram stories, you've most likely seen some of the fun activities that I plan for Lela. I try to plan at least one activity per day to keep her (us) from getting bored especially on the days that we don't leave the house. I'm a really "extra" person, so our activities are always themed around whatever Holiday is near. Since Easter is near, we have been doing a lot of fun Easter-themed activities! 
Finger painting
Lela loves to finger paint, so I found a free Easter egg printable (linked here) and printed it on cardstock (important) for her to paint. I just dab a little Crayola Kid's Washable paint on the page and let her go nuts. It's a little messy, but she has so much fun that its worth it. Before you let your kid go to town, I recommend getting some kind of vinyl tablecloth. Our kitchen table has grooves in it so the first time I let her paint I spent 45 minutes trying to get paint out of the table. I bought ours off Amazon for about $7 (linked here).

I found these foam bunny stickers in the Target dollar spot for $1, so I couldn't resist. I peel the backing off of them for Lela and let her stick them to a piece of a paper. One day we spent 30 minutes sticking bunnies to paper which equates to about 4 hours in toddler time.

Plastic Easter Eggs
I bought some plastic Easter eggs from Target for $.89 and just stuck them into an empty egg carton. She had so much fun taking the eggs out and putting the eggs back in. She's at a stage in her development where she's very curious about how things work, so she also has a lot of fun opening the eggs and trying to put them back together.

Handprint Chicks
I'm really into activities that I can turn into keepsakes so one day while we were painting I painted Lela's hands yellow and pressed them onto a piece of paper. After it dried, I drew some eyes, feet and a beak onto her handprints to turn them into little chicks. I had her help stick some bunnies on to the page then framed it for a little homemade Easter decor!


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